Welcome to the new store of Incognito Records !

This shop is now up and filled successively. It is currently not fulled with all available records, but they'll follow, äh..., soon...
All the items which are listed here are available for purchase.
More of our stuff you can find on our Discogs site!
it's possible to combine orders from here and there. Just ask.
Below you see the same shipping-prices as before.

If you want to contact us, write to incognito@incognitorecords.de

Well then, see you soon !

The Incognito - Crew in November 2015

In Germany:
Eine 7" oder eine CD: 2.- € (Deutsche Post, normale Briefsendung)
Ein oder zwei 7"es und zwei bis vier CDs: 3,50 € (Deutsche Post, Einschreiben)
Alles was darüber liegt: 5,00 € (DHL-Paket, versichert)
LPs generell 5,00 € (DHL-Paket, versichert)

Europe & worldwide:

1-4 7"es or CDs: 6,00 € (Deutsche Post, registered letter)
1 LP: 6.- € (Deutsche Post, registered letter)
Double-LPs: 9,50 € (Deutsche Post, registered letter)
2-3 LPs: 9,50 € (Deutsche Post, registered letter)

Europe (EU): more than 3 LPs: 15 € (registered)

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